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Hi! My name is Ryan, and I’m a graphic designer/game developer from Plano, TX. I’ve immersed myself in both these fields nearly 10 years now and am very excited about my future in them.

“Ryan’s ability to create quality 3D assets in a short span of time defies imagination. His speed, talent and tenacity allow him to explode creatively, finishing projects at an inhuman speed. His dedication is legendary and I would work with him in a heartbeat.”

Stephen Firth, Fellow MFA Student

“I’m still shocked at how fast (Ryan) works, he goes at incredible speeds!”

MBA Office @ UTDallas


With a strong history in traditional art, I branched out to the digital art fields over the years, dabbling in both 2D and 3D.   My life revolves around art as a whole, and I’m always studying, learning, and refining my artistic skills.  Here’s a graph of my average day:

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Graphic Design

Having experience in both freelance and design firm, I may be just who you need for your next artist!
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Environment Art

With over 6 games created and considerable experience with both the Unreal and CryEngine game engines, environment art is one of my many passions in life.
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Level Design

Level design has always had a large influence on my work, from gameplay to detailed lighting.
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Web Design

Tired of the way your website looks? No problem. I’m ready to build you a new site from scratch.

Print Design

Looking for anything from a pamphlet to a billboard? I have years of experience and want to help!

Company Branding

Company face is everything. Business cards, logo design, advertisement. I can do it all.

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Backward Compatible Logo

I recently helped some of my good friends over at with the rebranding of their site.
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Graphic Design Mock Projects2 copy0

VeriSnap Identity ReDesign

Here's the working version of the rebranding I provided VeriSnap!   This will be used for logo/icon/t-shirt purposes.
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Recent Business Card Work

  Here's a few images of recent business card/logo designs I did for various companies.  More coming soon, I promise. :)
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New Website

The creation of my portfolio site rework is coming to end, and soon I'll be implementing my design to  For the time being
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